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About the new LJ in BETA mode...

So I'm using the BETA 96.5 version of LJ now to write this post...
To be honest, yes it looks all polished and neat and tidy... But honestly the version we're using now is just fine, not extravagant and just neat enough.
We don't need a visual display of icons, I mean I'm not attached to the current version or anything- I barely post, BUT, when I do comment or post I don't need visual representation of what icon I want to choose. The drop down list was just more convenient and less of a hassle, in my opinion.
Besides that, the mood and music and the location don't much affect my posting at all... I guess it just made the posting page shorter in length?
And the tags are fine too, I guess.
What I'm trying to say is that they needn't make a WHOLE new version of LJ, they could've just applied some of the nice looking stuff from the new version onto our current version.
That's all I had to say andddd, that is that and this is this.

nog suck

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I just wanted to come out with it.
My name is Noor.
And I am a ficaholic.
I read fanfiction day and night, non-stop. I can go on for days about my obsession, but I'd rather go read fanfiction.
Excuse me while I do just that.

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